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This page is for academics who mess about somewhere in the middle, :-) for example social scientists, Science and Technology Studies, (STS) etc. This includes both me, Dr Alex Plows, the smARTcities and waste network lead, and my colleague, Prof Graeme Evans. you are welcome to add info about yourself and your project- just contact us

First let's introduce our social scientist Irene Stengs, Meertens Instituut/KNAW, who gave a talk about sacred waste during the Amsterdam workshop. Her very intersting talk can be found here

a very quick bio/introduction of myself, Alex Plows- i have been researching how publics engage with the environment, and with science and technology, in different ways for most of my career. Environmental social justice and the importance of place are both issues which motivate me a lot. Following research on public engagement with human genetics, http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/fss/cesagen/politics/index.htm - I was very inspired by STS concepts of the importance of “local knowledge” (wynne 1996) and the need for their input as “scientific citizens”. STS has led the way in the idea of “cross talk ” (Bucchi 2004)- between different communities of practice and interest.

My recent projects have all been around arts-led and interdisciplinary approaches to exploring peoples' relationships with the environment. All these issues, projects and more, have fed into the organic development of the smARTcities and waste network- you can find out more about the networks origins on our blog

Also Professor Graeme Evans, Special Professor of Culture & Urban Development, Maastricht University, FASoS/Maastricht Centre for Art, Culture, Conservation & Heritage; Director of Research/Professor of Urban Cultures & Design, Middlesex University, Faculty of Art & Creative Industries http://adri.mdx.ac.uk.contentcurator.net/graeme-evans

Dr Nora Vaage, Assistant Professor, Philosophy of Art & Culture, Maastricht University Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, http://fasos.maastrichtuniversity.nl/weekly/introducing-nora-s-vaage/ introduced us in the workshop in Maastricht to all kind of arts and classifications. A very interesting and inspiring lecture indeed.

Professor Lian Lundy, www.mdx.ac.uk/about-us/our-people/staff-directory/profile/lundy-lian//


Dr Diane Purchase, www.mdx.ac.uk/about-us/our-people/staff-directory/profile/purchase-diane