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’ achievements over the last couple of years; and also to specifically reflect local themes and issues. ... in the context of industrial heritage, which was also a core theme in our 2016 [[maastricht|Maastricht ... ues to trigger demand in unsustainable ways. We also heard from Steffan Jones and his colleague from G... materials as an artist for a number of years, and also gave a great talk, providing a colourful and thou
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been achieved. Like the other workshops, it will also strongly reflect local place and people, showcasi... everal Maastricht workshop artists and scientists also explored the issue of industrial waste in their r... ll city in a rural region, facing different – but also similar- waste challenges to those of major citie... s, who are addressing these broad themes. We have also invited the local Unitary Authority to share thei
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wn for speaker information. The following artists also displayed their work on the day; Helena Koning, R... th Touw (scroll down for more information and see also [[artist_s_space|artists space]]). **thanks to ... on from Prof Jeanne de Brujin's introduction) is also available on our [[ that has yielded not only many successes, but has also met numerous obstacles and defeats. This quest in
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gy. We also seek to explore "the difference that place makes"... tigation. It could very well be chance. But it is also possible, that people from other countries still ... sionally performances /participatory events, were also held for people visiting the gallery. {{::minersm... Ida Voorthuis and Ariaan van Walsum, most of whom also actively participated in the smARTcities [[amster
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ie just click on pages and view content. you can also ADD YOUR OWN CONTENT. This is particularly import... s is for you to add your content to these pages. Also as time goes on we will be running more interacti
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s'] = ''; </code> ==== Image Links ==== You can also use an image to link to another internal or exter... ndention for deeper levels - That's it </code> Also take a look at the [[doku>faq:lists|FAQ on list i
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'spin off' projects with practical outcomes, and also to share "good practice" during the lifetime of t... e challenges and opportunities facing them. We also aim to identify ways in which: * "good practice
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nt in the Amsterdam [[amsterdam|Workshop]] Maria also displayed her artwork in Amsterdam. her reflectio... that has yielded not only many successes, but has also met numerous obstacles and defeats. This quest in
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er to the [[wiki:syntax|syntax page]]. You might also want to use a sidebar. To create it, just edit th... ] (be sure to login as superuser first). You may also want to see what [[doku>plugins|plugins]] and [[d
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possible solutions and learn from each other, and also run a number of [[public_engagement|'pop-up' eve... al for creative interdisciplinary innovation. We also seek to explore "the difference that place makes"
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eserved for your own usage** (only superusers can also access to it)... * To create a page inside this
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herlands.pdf|}} **other relevant networks** see also @citiesandwaste twitter for an interactive, upto
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mme, speaker and art installation information can also be downloaded as a word doc here {{::maastricht_s
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ch workshop will have a specific theme, and will also reflect on the 'difference that place makes'- ie
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