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You can find more about their artwork on the [[amsterdam|Amsterdam]] and [[maastricht|Maastricht]] pages of the website and also in previous blogs here. There were a... und. Outside of this, (as this blog, and both the Amsterdam and Maastricht workshops have emphasised), “art “... with the little band of friends and artists from Amsterdam who are the core of our smARTcities network, tur
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created a number of "pop up" art/public events in Amsterdam , exploring the issue of waste through innovative... es can be read [[blog|here]] Irene's talk at our Amsterdam workshop on the historical and cultural situated-... { :8-000009.jpg?nolink&100|}} Participant in the Amsterdam [[amsterdam|Workshop]] Maria also displayed her artwork in Amsterdam. her reflections follow below: The wor
public_engagement: 17 Hits]] ===== Amsterdam pop ups April till November 2016 ===== ===... irst arts-led public engagement "pop up" event in Amsterdam, run by the artists [[artist_s_space|Irene Janze ... vely explored public views on "wasted thought" in Amsterdam. Here are some photos of the day: {{::img_4418.j... ts and ideas will be discussed at the [[workshops|Amsterdam workshop]] held on April 28th. http://www.nettyge
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**Amsterdam workshop:** Date: 28th April 2016, 9 am to 5pm. Venue: Aurora Room, Free University Amsterdam. NEW! REPORT FROM THE WORKSHOP! READ IT HERE{{:fi... NEW** smARTcities and waste youtube channel with Amsterdam workshop presentations!]] ** Core theme:** //(W... ogy. De Bruijn is researcher at the VU University Amsterdam in the Research program New Public Governance. Sh
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e youtube channel]] with presentations from the [[amsterdam|Amsterdam workshop]] BREAKING NEWS 28.4.16 Our very successful first workshop [[amsterdam|Amsterdam workshop]] took place on 28th April 2016, venue Free University Amsterdam. Core theme: (waste, inn
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ur European cities during 2016/2017. These are: [[amsterdam|Amsterdam]] (28th April 2016), [[maastricht|Maastricht]] (9th Dec 2016) [[london|London]] (April 6th 2017),... and Consequences// {{:maastrichtflier.pdf|}} [[amsterdam|**Amsterdam workshop**:]] date 28th April 2016. Venue Free University Amsterdam. Core theme: //(waste, inno
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**presentations** //Amsterdam Workshop, 28.4.16// video film of all presentations is being webmounted on ou... ture Cities & Urban Services// ]] [[ |Amsterdam Circular Economy Strategy ]] //PRACTICE// Report: Designing Out Lan
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cts and are actively seeking partners. At our [[amsterdam|Amsterdam workshop]] in April 2016 Albert van Winden, Program Manager Optimization Amsterdam Waste Chain, gave a talk on //Initiatives and bottlenecks in Amsterdam waste policies//. You can find his talk [[ https:
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.// A report from our **first workshop in [[amsterdam|Amsterdam]]** is available here {{:finalamsterdamreport.pdf|}} find us on [[ |Fa... rkshops|workshops]] in 4 European cities (London, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Bangor in Wales) to explore and deve... ersity_logo.jpg?direct&100|}} {{::free-university-amsterdam-squarelogo.png?direct&100|}} {{::vaneyck.png?dire
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iversity of Technology, will be speaking at the [[amsterdam|Amsterdam workshop]] on April 28th. A link to Dr Florea's publications and research can be found here: http... p-uid/20092559/ep-tab/4/ Her lecture given at the Amsterdam workshop can be found [[
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op_bangor_dbj_final.pdf |}} * * Irene Janze, Amsterdam artist Buro jan-ZE, Amsterdam {{ ::the-dutch-smarties_and_the_wasted__people.pdf|}} * * Dr Alex Plows, ... lenges to those of major cities such as London or Amsterdam. Art and science in the context of waste, heritag
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{{:bangor_university_logo.jpg?direct&100|}} {{:shared:free-university-amsterdam-squarelogo.png?direct&100|}}
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ersity_logo.jpg?nolink&100|}} {{:free-university-amsterdam-squarelogo.png?nolink&100|}} {{:vaneyck.png?noli
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AW, who gave a talk about sacred waste during the Amsterdam workshop. Her very intersting talk can be found [