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maastricht2.jpg?250 |}} It took a while before I found some space to write about the wonderful workshop ... ently and the whole reality is unknowable, but we found ourselves in a part where there was a close look ... the world in a whole new language based on units found in nature. You have to meet Rii and ask her to sh... senters and info about the day as a whole can be found [[maastricht|here]]). So this is part 1)…. Firs
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ebpage. More information about the pop ups can be found [[public_engagement|here]]. Irene's blog posts ab... ste from public events such as "Kings day" can be found [[ |here]] Irene's ... des 18 months of work of the Dutch artists can be found {{:: the-dutch-smarties_and_the_wasted__people.pd... nd brought to my studio. One day some workers who found it hilarious to see me coming back and back again
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/e/d/ep-uid/20092559/ep-tab/4/ Her lecture can be found [[ |here]] **Irene ... ste from public events such as "Kings day" can be found [[ |here]] http://ww... wasted thoughts' at the amsterdam workshop can be found [[|her... with public views on waste[ 'wastedcity' ]can be found here
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re information about James' work and Selor can be found here [[]] see ... k to Dr Florea's publications and research can be found here: er lecture given at the Amsterdam workshop can be found [[ |here]] One of ou... rmation about a recent bioplastics project can be found here [[]] Dr Yvonne va
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ept her own labor into the process. She used only found materials. ***Lara Luna Bartley **Materials-led artist and maker working primarily with found materials (forages, gathers and reuses everything... tween Japanese philosophy and craft techniques I found a clue in how to re-evaluate the use of materials
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Hello All - We have a twitter account! it can be found on @citiesandwaste so get tweeting! tweets wi
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link to Netty's artwork with 'wastedcity' can be found here
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sterdam workshop. Her very intersting talk can be found [[|here]] a very qui
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about the workshops and how to participate can be found [[workshops|HERE]] more information coming soon!