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OP! READ IT HERE{{:finalamsterdamreport.pdf|}} [[ rnal of Genderstudies Introduction availabe [[|here]] foll... Brujin's introduction) is also available on our [[|youtube cha... Museum in Den Bosch. Tilmann's talk is availabe [[ |here]]
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public events such as "Kings day" can be found [[ |here]] Irene's talk at ... houghts' at the amsterdam workshop can be found [[|here]] A ... ations of public views of waste can be found here shop]] and the [[public_engagement|arts pop ups]] https://yo
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al capital". {{:bonding_bridging.png?200 |}} [[ https:// |... and artists. Somebody mentioned Daan Roosegarde- as an innovative, cr... ation to buildings and places. //image source:// I admi
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pace, a "Temporary Autonomous Zone" (Hakim Bey) [[ tty's artwork with 'wastedcity' can be found here ide in two community neighbourhoods, is available . Irene Janze's models mad... their concern about the plastic bubble.As have I.
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made photographs however and a tiny movie. Look [[|here]] It was very interes... from cardboard to pallets and wooden fruit boxes) Cardboard-making workshop, look [[|here]] for an impression.
project_team: 2 Hits **Project Advisory Board** [[ the Buro jan_ZE ( ) project. Bangor free shop
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oad content and develop the website together. see ** how and why sho... d new pages. **How to Wiki:** please check out [[|this website]] for
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ll presentations is being webmounted on our new [[ Inspiring Future Cities & Urban Services// ]] [[
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(City of) Maastricht, * **... ART Cities & Waste International Research Network
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a's publications and research can be found here: re given at the Amsterdam workshop can be found [[ |here]] One of our confir
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rc|Talk to other users in the IRC channel]] * [[|Submit bu
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er 2016! more info soon! BREAKING NEWS 15.5.16 [[
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terdam waste policies//. You can find his talk [[|here]] At our [[maastric
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workshop. Her very intersting talk can be found [[|here]] a very quick bio/i