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… ====== Our final workshop of this stage of our network was held in [[bangor|Bangor,]] North Wales, on Oc... men. It made me think, that the entire aim of the network, has been to provide a “translation service” betw... olders, and the public. I very much feel that the network has achieved this aim, and has facilitated multip... mand for new resources. A recurring theme for the network, is how scientific innovation is working hard to
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nvestigator:Introducing the smARTcities and waste network {{:alexpresentation.pptx|}} //Royal Geographical... Narratives of the Anthropocene"]] Alex Plows: {{:network_overview_presented_at_rgs_2015.pptx|}} **backgr... for Social Innovation and Sustainability (DESIS) network (POLIMI, Milan), the Elop Alliance (
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veloping an Arts-led, Interdisciplinary, European network for Waste management and Treatment Innovation.** ... this wiki website for the smART cities and waste network!** ===== BREAKING NEWS next FREE WORKSHOP gweith... ”). **//Aims and Objectives//** The aim of the Network is to develop a forum for knowledge exchange and ... objectives: i)To establish an interdisciplinary network of Europe-wide academics, artists, scientists, p
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Hello there! any artists participating in this network who have work /ideas relating to the network core theme "smART cities and waste" are welcome to put up mat... and create pages. Artists participating in the network: ===== Irene Janze ===== {{:4publicsm.jpg?100|... } The images above are from the showroom of the network's artistic/creative director **Irene Janze** [[ht
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**Policy makers and practitioners** This network is about interdisciplinary knowledge exchange between bet... ractitioners working with waste management in our network and to learn more about the challenges and opport... cially arts-led approaches, being explored in our network have potential for involving the public in the ma
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team presented on the aims and objectives of the network at the Royal Geographical Society conference, Exe... vans); the environmental science/geoengineering network ( ) (Baker); the artist Irene Janze's network of multidisciplinary professionals, e.g. visual a
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cularly important because this is a website for a network; as the network grows and more people /groups/initiatives etc. join, we want to know more about you- so th
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tor - smART Cities & Waste International Research Network rom her colleagues’ desks. * **Artists & Waste network coordinator** - [[artist_s_space|**Irene Janze**
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ect_team| Alex Plows]], the smARTcities and waste network lead, and my colleague, [[project_team|Prof Graem... organic development of the smARTcities and waste network- you can find out more about the networks origins
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Science ====== Hello there! This is a space for network members whose area of interest/expertise is scien... ' please click [[allaboutwikiwebsites|here]] Our network's key scientific advisor is James Baker. James is
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As the final workshop of this phase of the network, the Bangor workshop will play a key role in synt... ng and reflecting back, on the development of the network over the last two years, flagging key findings, t
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r! BREAKING NEWS 23.3.16 new blog post about the network [[blog|here!]] BREAKING NEWS Amsterdam workshop
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are heard and can inform the development of this network. ===== What is a "pop up"? ===== A pop up i
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nterested people and projects to join our growing network! you can use this wiki website to upload informa
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