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ty of Arts & Creative Industries) {{:londonposter.pdf|}} {{ ::dsc0090.jpg?300 |}} //image: Kuniko Maed... teprogram introduction// {{:london_intro_slides.pdf|}} **Professor Lian Lundy **//Waste, Pollution a... le/lundy-lian// {{:lian_lundy_london_waste_event.pdf|}} **Dr Diane Purchase **//Electronic (E-)Waste/... urchase_smartcities_and_waste_presentation_london.pdf|}} **Dr James Baker ** //nanotechnology
resources: 4 Hits |EU policy context ]] [[ [ |World Economic Forum report //Inspiring Future C... PRACTICE// Report: Designing Out Landfill {{:KTN.pdf|}} Report: Sharing Good Landfill Practice with UK {{:Netherlands.pdf|}} **other relevant networks** see also @cities
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wyniad_y_strategaeth_wastraff_02.10.17_saesneg_sj.pdf |}} * Rachel Rosen, local artist lleol {{ ::smartcitiesrr.pdf |}} * * Athro/Prof Barrie Johnson, Prifysgo... {{ ::barriejohnsonwaste_workshop_bangor_dbj_final.pdf |}} * * Irene Janze, Amsterdam artist Buro j... am {{ ::the-dutch-smarties_and_the_wasted__people.pdf|}} * * Dr Alex Plows, Prifysgol Bangor Unive
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nd {{:: the-dutch-smarties_and_the_wasted__people.pdf|here }} ===== Maria Louise Vandenput ===== {{ :... n/images/content/Teksten/Retina_SX-70_engels_deff.pdf and ===== Anne Reutinger ===== http://annareutinger... als and wasteā€¯. kuniko_maeda_presentation_london.pdf ===== Lara Luna Ba
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technology. We also seek to explore "the difference that pla... up, participatory practices. Irene has written a PDF report, available here,{{::reportexpo_zeeburgerdijk.pdf|}} which is a fantastic,colourful and insightful
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THE WORKSHOP! READ IT HERE{{:finalamsterdamreport.pdf|}} [[ .nl/Antropocene_wastenarrative_6_with_pictures%20.pdf **Albert van Winden** ''Program Manager Optimiz
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le/lundy-lian// {{:lian_lundy_london_waste_event.pdf|}} Dr Diane Purchase, ff-directory/profile/purchase-diane {{:diane_purchase_smartcities_and_waste_presentation_london.pdf|}}
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arbara_herridge_waste_in_london_workshop_06-04-17.pdf|}} {{:2017_dimitra_drappou_waste_prevention_middlesex_final.pdf|}} We are very keen to involve more pol
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r here {{:smartcities_london_workshop_06april2017.pdf|}} We are excited to announce that Dr Miruna F
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dam]]** is available here {{:finalamsterdamreport.pdf|}} find us on [[ |Fac
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portunities and Consequences// {{:maastrichtflier.pdf|}} [[amsterdam|**Amsterdam workshop**:]] date
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ect: Biomop * **Dr Yvonne van der Meer,** Head of Biobased