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s ago we, James Baker, Virginia Heidweiller, Alex Plows and me considered the city as a conglomerate of r... open, but it’s a very creative space to be. Alex Plows 9.5.16 ===== Alexandra Plows, Blog 2 15.4.16: “Grounding myself: watch this space”===== It is get... leavy/ ===== 23.3.16 Project leader Dr Alexandra Plows: First Blog! ===== so the smARTcities and waste
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you would like to participate, please email Alex Plows on [[maastricht| **Maastricht workshop**]] date 9th December 2016. REGISTER TO A... participate in this free event please email Alex Plows Flyer available here: {{:flieramsterdam.docx|}} __workshop core objectives in
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am** Project Principal Investigator: Dr Alexandra Plows, Bangor University Project Co-Investigator Professor Graeme Evans, Middlesex Unive... drocitizenship project (Plows/Evans); the environmental science/geoengineerin
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/UCk2et3KZHVXDop925-ts2xg|Youtube channel]] Alex Plows, project Principal Investigator:Introducing the s... 6| "Waste Narratives of the Anthropocene"]] Alex Plows: {{:network_overview_presented_at_rgs_2015.pptx|}
amsterdam: 2 Hits|here]] followed by Alex Plows **Speaker Information** Alex Plows, Project Principal Investigator: Introducing the smARTcities netwo
maastricht: 2 Hits * **Dr Alex Plows,** Research Fellow, Bangor University, Principal ... esearch Network * **//Artists://** * **Paul
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place at this **FREE** workshop simply contact ** SPEAKERS AND ARTISTS** **Alex plows**,// coordinator of the smartcitiesandwasteprogra
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on]] If you would like to participate in this free event please email Alex Plows
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tc. This includes both me, Dr[[project_team| Alex Plows]], the smARTcities and waste network lead, and my... ]] a very quick bio/introduction of myself, Alex Plows- i have been researching how publics engage with
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es_and_the_wasted__people.pdf|}} * * Dr Alex Plows, Prifysgol Bangor University {{ ::alexpresentati
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n about yourself. to find out more please email and/or follow us on twitter @citiesa