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xandra Plows, Bangor University Project Co-Investigator Professor Graeme Evans, Middlesex University Graeme Evans Project artistic/creative director Irene Janze ... t Advisory Board** [[ [[|Dr Jayne Woolford]] R
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|}} Report: Sharing Good Landfill Practice with UK {{:Netherlands.pdf|}} **other relevant networks*... e Elop Alliance ( the WISE network (www.wisenetwork.o... re Art and Nature network ( SPHINX http://www.... Cities project network ESRC Urban Transformations programme/ network ht
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*FREE** workshop simply contact ** SPEAKERS AND ARTISTS** **Alex plows**,// c... Lundy **//Waste, Pollution and Water// ne Purchase **//Electronic (E-)Waste// allets and wooden fruit boxes) Cardboard-making works
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he EU came into existence for the first time; the UK was of course a signatory. So I’ll be pitching up at Maastricht , post the UK Brexit vote, to help deliver our 2nd workshop for... f (very much appreciated) grant funding from the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) last... row the network. Whatever Brexit means to the UK and to Europe, and whenever it happens, we will c
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ment with human genetics, - I was very ins... y of Art & Creative Industries Dr Nora Vaage, A... lecture indeed. Professor Lian Lundy, waste_event.pdf|}} Dr Diane Purchase,
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international levels. For example a recent (2013) UK Government report on waste noted that: //We need ... ay require innovation and creative thinking..//. (UK Gov 2013). **Waste is a social/cultural product:*
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ate, please email Alex Plows on [[maastricht| **Maastricht workshop**]] date 9t... e event please email Alex Plows Flyer available here: {{:flieramsterdam.docx|}}
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of Art & Creative Industries * **Dr Alex Plo... ernational Research Network * **//Artists:/
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g from cardboard to pallets and wooden fruit boxes)
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] If you would like to participate in this free event please email Alex Plows
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rself. to find out more please email and/or follow us on twitter @citiesandwaste