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acy, were strong themes, developing the issue of “waste” in the context of industrial heritage, which was... l Koenen, who talked about his artwork using mine waste at our Maastricht workshop , gave his presentatio... ifferent bio plastics and composites derived from waste plant /bio materials to show us) and by Professo... cil, about the targets and challenges of tackling waste in this region, and the ambitious targets for was
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====== smART cities and waste:====== **Developing an Arts-led, Interdisciplinary, European network for Waste management and Treatment Innovation.** [TWITTER:... ome to this wiki website for the smART cities and waste network!** ===== BREAKING NEWS next FREE WORKSHO... our third workshop in [[london|London]] //Urban Waste Streams And Flows// Ewaste and water key themes!
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or "free Shop" pop up 2009 Being innovative about waste management needs the input of the public/ end use... c and to make sure their views and thoughts about waste management in their cities (and in general), are... tWd16k8 . Irene Janze's models made from leftover waste get a strong reaction when she tells people how this sort of waste otherwise gets disposed of! Irene did her engagem
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/UCk2et3KZHVXDop925-ts2xg|**NEW** smARTcities and waste youtube channel with Amsterdam workshop presentations!]] ** Core theme:** //(Waste, Innovation and) Buildings, Place(s) and Space(s)... stems themselves and their (possible, actual) use/waste/reuse of resources in their design, construction, maintenance: • The ways waste of different sorts is generated //by// and initi
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GWEITHDY GWASTRAFF/WASTE WORKSHOP //Image/artwork: Rachel Rosen(mSPARC project)// {{ :rachelro... angor Sustainability Lab {{ ::ey_smart_cities_and_waste_03-10-2017v2.pptx |}} * Steffan Jones, Cyngor... esentationbangor.pptx |}} * * Denise Baker, waste food entrepreneur gwastraff bwyd {{ ::denisebango... ists and others who are working with the theme of waste in the locality. The organising theme of the Ba
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our next FREE workshop ** //Urban Waste Streams and Flows//** was be held in **London 6th April 2017,** 9... ownload this document:** {{::finalversionlondon_waste_workshop_6april2017-1.docx|}} For further backgro... n_intro_slides.pdf|}} **Professor Lian Lundy **//Waste, Pollution and Water// ectory/profile/lundy-lian// {{:lian_lundy_london_waste_event.pdf|}} **Dr Diane Purchase **//Electronic
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.jpg?300|}} // Techno-Scientific Innovation and Waste; Opportunities and Consequences// {{:maastricht_f... riginal perspective on such a complex matter like waste.// // Mooie verhalen van inspirerende mensen en... tics and polymers, and the impacts of industrial waste, will be a key focus of this workshop. The ethica... of new technologies and innovation in the area of waste treatment, will be discussed and explored. The wo
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n Winden, Program Manager Optimization Amsterdam Waste Chain, gave a talk on //Initiatives and bottlenecks in Amsterdam waste policies//. You can find his talk [[ https://yout... we will have a presentation from Anhilde de Jong,Waste Policy, Management & Quality of Life, Maastricht Region: //From Waste to Resources// At our [[london|London workshop
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ating to the network core theme "smART cities and waste" are welcome to put up material here. This is a w... blic events in Amsterdam , exploring the issue of waste through innovative participatory arts installatio... p on the historical and cultural situated-ness of waste from public events such as "Kings day" can be fou... rganic grow process, their will always be to much waste. Humans needs contact, connection, compassion, co
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EAKING NEWS! Gweithdy Gwastraff [[bangor|Bangor]] Waste workshop date confirmed: Hydref 3 October, all [[... BREAKING NEWS! [[london|London workshop]] //Urban Waste Streams and Flows// confirmed: Middlesex Universi... nel/UCk2et3KZHVXDop925-ts2xg |new smARTcities and waste youtube channel]] with presentations from the [[a... 16, venue Free University Amsterdam. Core theme: (waste, innovation and) buildings, spaces,and engaging l
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[[project_team| Alex Plows]], the smARTcities and waste network lead, and my colleague, [[project_team|Pr... tens Instituut/KNAW, who gave a talk about sacred waste during the Amsterdam workshop. Her very interstin... to the organic development of the smARTcities and waste network- you can find out more about the networks... ectory/profile/lundy-lian// {{:lian_lundy_london_waste_event.pdf|}} Dr Diane Purchase,
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V 30TH! Theme: //Techno-Scientific Innovation and Waste; Opportunities and Consequences// {{:maastrichtfl... . Venue Free University Amsterdam. Core theme: //(waste, innovation and) buildings, spaces,and engaging l... s, all with an interest /expertise in innovative waste management and treatment. Each workshop will co... , practitioners, academics, all with interests in waste innovation and the core theme of each workshop (e
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ipal Investigator:Introducing the smARTcities and waste network {{:alexpresentation.pptx|}} //Royal Geog... org/AC2015/1bac6492-9282-4d98-ba93-c6967148d536| "Waste Narratives of the Anthropocene"]] Alex Plows: {{... Liveable Cities project network http:
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om/selor.html]] see his interesting lecture about waste, nanomaterials, mines and water here {{:smartciti