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===== The proof of the pudding… ====== Our final workshop of this stage of our network was held in [[bangor... rth Wales, on Oct 3rdin the Pontio building. This workshop was tasked with a dual purpose of looking back ov... the [[bangor|Bangor page]] of this website. The workshop’s organising theme was //“Make do and mend”; mate... a core theme in our 2016 [[maastricht|Maastricht workshop]]. Both Bangor and Maastricht are small cities, s
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here]]. Irene's blog posts about the pop ups, the workshop, and much more besides can be read [[blog|here]] Irene's talk at our Amsterdam workshop on the historical and cultural situated-ness of w... e/t_spI0d9zhQ |here]] Irene's talk at the final workshop in bangor includes 18 months of work of the Dutch... &100|}} Participant in the Amsterdam [[amsterdam|Workshop]] Maria also displayed her artwork in Amsterdam.
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TEND and we have approximately 25 places in each workshop. If you would like to participate, please email A... [[maastricht| **Maastricht workshop**]] date 9th December 2016. REGISTER TO ATTEND B... :maastrichtflier.pdf|}} [[amsterdam|**Amsterdam workshop**:]] date 28th April 2016. Venue Free University... ijsteen [[amsterdam| Click here for the Amsterdam workshop webpage]]. if you would like to participate in th
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GWEITHDY GWASTRAFF/WASTE WORKSHOP //Image/artwork: Rachel Rosen(mSPARC project)// {{ :rachelrosen... |}} Croeso gynnes i bawb! Welcome to the Bangor workshop! rhaglen yma! {{ ::cy_-_bangor_workshop_programme_short.docx |}} Final programme here! {{ ::bangor_workshop_programme_short.docx |}} __**Blwch Gwyn/White Bo
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**Amsterdam workshop:** Date: 28th April 2016, 9 am to 5pm. Venue: Aurora Room, Free University Amsterdam. NEW! REPORT FROM THE WORKSHOP! READ IT HERE{{:finalamsterdamreport.pdf|}} [[ht... Tcities and waste youtube channel with Amsterdam workshop presentations!]] ** Core theme:** //(Waste, Inn... able {{::amsterdamworkshoptimetable.docx|}} **Workshop Chair:** Professor Jeanne de Bruijn , professor i
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NEWS! Gweithdy Gwastraff [[bangor|Bangor]] Waste workshop date confirmed: Hydref 3 October, all [[bangor|info here]] BREAKING NEWS! [[london|London workshop]] //Urban Waste Streams and Flows// confirmed: Mi... rs confirmed for our [[maastricht|FREE Maastricht workshop]] on Dec 9th! BREAKING NEWS! date of our second workshop in Maastricht confirmed as 9th December 2016! mor
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our next FREE workshop ** //Urban Waste Streams and Flows//** was be held in **London 6th April 2017,** 9am-... d this document:** {{::finalversionlondon_waste_workshop_6april2017-1.docx|}} For further background info ... load this document {{::finalversionlondon_network_workshop_overview.docx|}} To book a place at this **FREE** workshop simply contact ** SPEAKER
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as will be discussed at the [[workshops|Amsterdam workshop]] held on April 28th. http://www.nettygelijsteen.... he work of both artists, at our [[amsterdam|first workshop in Amsterdam on April 28th.]] ==== Pop- up 3, M... ral of the artists participating in the Amsterdam workshop are an artist collective known as Buro jan--‐ZE.... icipated in the smARTcities [[amsterdam|Amsterdam workshop]] held on April 28th 2016 and indeed have been
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d waste network!** ===== BREAKING NEWS next FREE WORKSHOP gweithdy gwastraff is in [[bangor|Bangor]] on 3RD... |here]]! Photos and presentations from our third workshop in [[london|London]] //Urban Waste Streams And F... al programme here {{::finalversionlondon_waste_workshop_6april2017-1.docx|}} latest blog post [[blog|her... some feedback from participants from our **second workshop in [[maastricht|Maastricht]]** // Techno-Scientif
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**Maastricht workshop: date 9th December 2016, venue Van Eyck Academie ** {{ :minersm.jpg?300|}} // Techn... ome feedback from participants** //I enjoyed the workshop very much. The presentations I attended all raise... of industrial waste, will be a key focus of this workshop. The ethical, social, environmental and other imp... te treatment, will be discussed and explored. The workshop programme, speaker and art installation informati
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seeking partners. At our [[amsterdam|Amsterdam workshop]] in April 2016 Albert van Winden, Program Mana... fXrARC_O4|here]] At our [[maastricht|Maastricht workshop]] in December 2016 we will have a presentation fr... om Waste to Resources// At our [[london|London workshop]] in April 6 2017 we had Barbara Herridge & Dimit... Authority// {{:barbara_herridge_waste_in_london_workshop_06-04-17.pdf|}} {{:2017_dimitra_drappou_waste_pr
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rials, mines and water here {{:smartcities_london_workshop_06april2017.pdf|}} We are excited to announce t... gy, will be speaking at the [[amsterdam|Amsterdam workshop]] on April 28th. A link to Dr Florea's publicatio... 2559/ep-tab/4/ Her lecture given at the Amsterdam workshop can be found [[ |here... ed keynote speakers at the [[workshops|Maastricht workshop]] (9th December 2016) is Professor Marco Scoponi
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ve a talk about sacred waste during the Amsterdam workshop. Her very intersting talk can be found [[https://... ly/introducing-nora-s-vaage/ introduced us in the workshop in Maastricht to all kind of arts and classificat
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**presentations** //Amsterdam Workshop, 28.4.16// video film of all presentations is being webmounted on o