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artists who have previously participated in other workshops also displayed their work in the space, contribut... this blog, and both the Amsterdam and Maastricht workshops have emphasised), “art “, and “artists”, are gene... will be picked up again in our London and Bangor workshops. To “wrap up”; many of the artists within the
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/practitioners/ ‘the public’, through interactive workshops, arts "pop ups" and social media * Secondary a... rs, and interested end-users. We will run four [[workshops|workshops]] in 4 European cities (London, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Bangor in Wales) to explore and develop ide
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or of Selor and will be participating in all four workshops. More information about James' work and Selor can... ] One of our confirmed keynote speakers at the [[workshops|Maastricht workshop]] (9th December 2016) is Prof
maastricht: 2 Hits Background information about the workshops and how to participate can be found [[workshops|HERE]] more information coming soon!
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e [[start|home page.]] For more background on all workshops click [[workshops|here.]] timetable {{::amsterdamworkshoptimetable.docx|}} **Workshop Chair:** Professo
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====== Workshops ====== We will be running four workshops in four European cities during 2016/2017. These are: [[amsterdam|
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tart|Project Background]] \\ [[:news|News]] \\ [[:workshops|Workshops]] \\ [[:artist_s_space|Artist's Space]] \\ [[:science|Science]] \\ [[:public_engagement|Public Eng
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ns. For general background information about the workshops click [[workshops|here]] BREAKING NEWS 24.3.16 Albert van Winden Program Manager Optimization Amsterdam Was
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ive discussion and content, to support the four [[workshops|workshops,]] via this site. **how to use this website: the basics** firstly you need to** register**. TO BE
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s) * ideas and issues which are explored in our workshops can potentially be developed further and put into
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showcasing what has been achieved. Like the other workshops, it will also strongly reflect local place and pe
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p up results and ideas will be discussed at the [[workshops|Amsterdam workshop]] held on April 28th. http://w